Bigband Festival Oostende
14-15-16 September 2018

9de Bigbandfestival: 14-15-16 September 2018

Student Jazz Orchestra Brussels
Zondag 16 september 2018 om 10.30u

The Pink Band

Created in September 2015, the Student Jazz Orchestra Brussels is working to bond musicians from the university. The project was supported by the authorities and given financial help (Bourse Stéphane Hessel).

The SJOB played on the campus as well as outside for other events: in 2016, it was invited by the Groningen Student Big Band for a “Battle of the Bands” concert in the Netherlands. In 2017, the Big Band played at the Sounds Jazz Club, and the BRUX Brussels Lindy Exchange.

From the beginning, the orchestra is helped and supported by the young Dutch conductor Rob Spelberg.

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